Best of 2008

2008 was one of the greatest music years of my life, full of fresh discoveries and confirmations of vision and talent still shining brightly. New releases. Historic releases, reissues and anthologies. Events.

30. 1. 2009 |

Best of 2007

[by Ken Hunt, London] Getting paid for something you’d be doing anyway is a rare privilege. Making
a decent living doing it is an altogether different mater, which is
why we present the fine things from 2007 that made our lives finer and
nourished our minds. These are the things that gave us the greatest
pleasure musically speaking.

14. 12. 2007 |

Coals Begin To Glow / Music From The Wild Frontier

If you want to hear some genuine Czech world music, listen to Antonin Dvorak or Leos Janacek. These guys knew well how important are the folk tunes for the healthy musical growth and development. But elaborating folk melodies into symphonic setting and bringing them into monumental opera houses inevitably prompts the overkill effect. The folk music looses its spark and appeal, the young generation searches for undiscovered pleasures until somebody reinvents the old time dances and ballads and brings them back into spotlight. The great folk revival that naturally evolved in Ireland, later caught a fire in Scandinavia and now is bearing its fruits in Spain and Hungary, has still a long time to go in the Czech lands. The coals are just starting to glow now – and opera is not the only thing to blame for the late start.

8. 10. 2001 |

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